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cheesesteak franchise

How Does a Cheesesteak Franchise Make its Income?

Philly cheesesteak sandwiches are widely loved across the nation, but how exactly does a cheesesteak franchise make its revenue? You might be surprised to learn that running a cheesesteak franchise is more than just selling sandwiches. The sandwiches are important, of course, but the ways in which a sandwich franchise stands out ultimately determines how… Read More

unique food gifts to send

Unique Food Gifts to Send as a Surprise Back-to-School Gift

One of the best things you can send your student when they go back to school is food. If you want your kid to be successful in their educational pursuits, then they need to have a full stomach to think on their feet. When choosing a food gift to send, you’ll want something unique, quick,… Read More

sandwich franchises

20 Best Sandwich Franchises Investments That Are Hot Right Now!

Purchasing and running sandwich franchises is a fantastic way to start your own business and make money. Sandwiches are one of the most classic meals people eat for lunch because they are quick and easy, so sandwich shops aren’t going anywhere. Owning a franchise instead of starting from scratch is a great way for new… Read More

Best Food to Send to Your College Student

Best Food to Send to Your College Student

When your kid leaves for college, it can be stressful for you and your student. However, you can make this time much less stressful by sending delicious food to their dorm. When you supply the nutrients they need during their first couple of months at college, they will build great eating habits that will help… Read More

Philly Themed Food

10 Ideas for a Philly-Themed Labor Day Party

Labor Day is a once-a-year celebration for American workers, and Philadelphia is a historic American city. What better way to celebrate Labor Day than with the Philly-themed Labor Day party that everyone can enjoy? We have plenty of ideas for your Labor Day party to satisfy every guest you have in attendance. Please continue reading… Read More

history of the hoagie

The History of the Hoagie

The hoagie sandwich is one of the most popular lunchtime meals across the United States. People enjoy eating hoagies because they are filling, accessible, and affordable. The fact that they’re delicious is just a bonus to why people like to eat them on a daily basis. Because this meal is one of the most popular… Read More

Cheesesteak Online

The Essential College Prep Guide

Preparing to move to college is a stressful time. There are so many things that you need to remember to bring from bedsheets to your minifridge. You have to make sure you aren’t bringing any contraband items and you always want a few items to remind you of your family and friends back home. If… Read More

Hero Sandwich

The History of the Hero Sandwich

Sandwiches can go by many names, but at the end of the day, they are just bread with more food filled into the middle. Whether you know a sandwich by its name or by the foods that the sandwich is filled with, each sandwich has some history. This even includes the hero sandwich. Where Does… Read More

Summertime Party Catering Ideas

7 Easy Summertime Party Catering Ideas

Summertime is the time to party. You can enjoy sitting out in the sun at a pool party, eating lots of food at a BBQ, going to graduations, weddings, and so much more. All these parties make summertime so much fun! But when you are hosting a party, you might not want to deal with… Read More

Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant

Guide on How to Open a Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant

If you’re an avid sandwich fanatic or looking to get into business, you should open up your own Philly cheesesteak restaurant. Sandwiches are an American classic for lunchtime, and you’re sure to get business when you open up your sandwich shop. However, before opening up your own Philly cheesesteak restaurant, you must ensure that you… Read More

Ocean City MD

10 Things to Do in Ocean City, MD (Summer Guide)

Ocean City, MD, is a popular place for you to bring your family and friends for a fantastic vacation. There are tons of things to do in this city, so you’ll never be bored and always have a fantastic view. However, if you find yourself stuck figuring out what you want to do, consult our… Read More