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Unique Food Gifts to Send as a Surprise Back-to-School Gift

September 22, 2022

unique food gifts to send

One of the best things you can send your student when they go back to school is food. If you want your kid to be successful in their educational pursuits, then they need to have a full stomach to think on their feet. When choosing a food gift to send, you’ll want something unique, quick, and delicious. Additionally, sending your student food guests when they go back to school can help them save money and focus on their work.

Please continue reading to learn the best gift ideas for food lovers that you can send as a surprise back-to-school gift.

Tony Luke’s Frozen Cheesesteak

Tony Luke’s is home to the original Philly cheese steak, and you can send a frozen version of this to your student for back to school. Philly cheese steaks are a classic lunchtime meal that will fill your student up and help them focus on school. This frozen cheese steak will taste delicious and help them through the day.

This Philly cheese steak can satisfy even the pickiest eaters because Tony Luke’s takes pride in their Philly cheese steaks. This is also a great option because it will only take a few minutes for your student to heat this meal in the microwave.

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Chocolate-covered fruit is one of the most popular food gift packages you can send to your student. College students often focus on their work and don’t have much additional money to splurge on snacks. So, sending chocolate-covered fruit to your student is a great way to give them a sweet pick-me-up and boost their overall mood. This chocolate-covered fruit basket will show your college student that you are thinking about them and want them to succeed.

Easy-to-Cook Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but you would be surprised by how many college students skip this meal. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy-to-cook breakfast options you can send your student that they can enjoy on their weekend. Most breakfast meals only require a griddle to cook, which you can purchase for a low price and your student can keep in their dorm. This breakfast kit can include pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, etc.

Homemade Desserts

During back-to-school season, students often feel homesick, and cooking them a homemade dessert is a great way to give them a taste of home again. For example, if your family has a signature cookie recipe, this could be a great food gift for your student. Homemade desserts are a great way to give your kid a delicious reminder of your family dynamic.

Cured Meat and Cheese

Everybody can appreciate a charcuterie board because they are delicious and require no cooking. College students often don’t have time to cook meals because they’re busy attending classes or working a job. However, they still need the nutrients to get through their day and think clearly. So, cured meat and cheese boards paired with crackers are a great way to nourish your student during school.

Variety of Flavored Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks you can eat because it has plenty of fiber and nutrients. Plus, popcorn is low in calories and can last a while, and an airtight container. Popcorn also comes in several flavors, so you can send your student a variety pack to satisfy them when they’re craving something salty or sweet.

Eating popcorn regularly can help your student manage their weight, lower their risk of heart disease, and lower their risk of diabetes. When your child snacks on a healthy snack like popcorn, they’ll be less inclined to turn chips when they’re feeling snacky.

Hot Cocoa Set

When your child returns to school, they will face chilly weather, and hot cocoa can be a great remedy to combat the sensation. There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a cup of cocoa on a chilly fall night, and you can give your child this experience when you send them a hot cocoa set. Enjoying a cup of hot cocoa after a long day of exams can be a great way for your kid to unwind and manage their stress.

Local Candy

You can give your kid a Taste of Home by sending candy from their favorite local vendor. For example, if your college student has a sweet tooth, they might often crave the local taffy or Peach rings that a candy maker in your area makes. However, they can’t access these treats independently, and sending them local candy can give them a sense of nostalgia and satisfy their sweet tooth. Your student might also share their favorite candy with other students and make new friends.

Fresh Produce

Sending a fruit basket is a great and healthy way to keep your college student feeling healthy and ready for the day. Many college students don’t have time to cook meals on their own and often skip food to rush to their classes. However, when you send them fresh produce like bananas, oranges, and apples, you ensure that they meet their daily nutritional needs and stay focused on their work.

Plus, when your college student needs all of the products and the basket, they can use it to store cleaning supplies, hygiene products, or school essentials. Keeping your student organized and healthy during their semester can help them focus on getting excellent grades.


While this is not the healthiest option on our list, it can be a delicious way for your student to start their day. Sending Donuts occasionally is a great way to show your student that you’re thinking about them and want them to eat in the morning. Additionally, you can send plenty of fall-themed donuts at the beginning of the school year to get your child into the seasonal spirit and help them relax after class.

Final Thoughts

Food is one of the best things you can send to your college student as a surprise back-to-school gift because college students often forget to eat. They get so preoccupied with schoolwork and a new social life that skipping meals can be the norm, but this habit can cost them good grades. Sending your student food at the beginning of their school year will help them stay focused on their work and feel comfortable.