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Can Sandwich Franchises Be Profitable?

April 30, 2024

sandwich franchises

Sandwiches are always appreciated – even when they are on the go. The thing to remember is that people want fast, fresh, and friendly. On top of that, they want a sandwich that is excellent to where it becomes their go-to for lunch, dinner, or whenever they’re in the mood. Knowing this, you can run sandwich franchises that always deliver the top need of each of your customers.
In this guide, we’ll discuss whether or not such places can be profitable. The short answer is yes. But we’ll explain some of the ways of how it’s possible. So let’s waste no time and get started.

You’re offering flexibility on the menu

Sandwich franchises have something that many fast food chains don’t offer. That is flexibility. Here’s what we mean: you can offer something that can cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions. If one of your customers prefers something vegan or vegetarian friendly, you’ll have all kinds of options for them.

Of course, you can also serve your customers who love a lot of meat on their sandwiches. Even a cheesesteak franchise can offer vegan or vegetarian options. So you can provide inclusiveness amongst your target audience. Including these options will signal that they don’t feel left out.

When people come to your franchise, they want plenty of options. Not the bland, same ol’ stuff. Get the idea? Even better, they want something that’s made to order the way they want it.

Convenience and accessibility

We live in the age where we order almost everything online or via an app. This can be beneficial to those who want to grab their sandwich on the go and be on their way. Your sandwich franchise can offer plenty of convenient options. For example, you can offer a delivery option for those who might not want to make the run into town or have a busy day at the office.

They can call in, order online or on an app – no problem at all. Whatever they order is delivered right to their location in a timely manner. You can also offer a DoorDash or UberEats option as well if in-house delivery is out of the question. Either way, offering a certain amount of easy access and convenience can make your sandwich franchises more profitable.

You may be catering to an exclusive audience

A sandwich franchise that caters exclusively to an audience can be profitable. Yes, earlier we did mention that flexibility is one great way. However, another is offering exclusivity. If your sandwich franchise serves vegan and vegetarians, you could rake in the profits.

In the fast food industry, we’ve noticed that vegans and vegetarians are an underserved market. What better way to disrupt the fast food market than franchising that serves this group of people in particular? It’s a win-win and sometimes, the money can be found in specific niches.

The same applies when you want to serve sandwiches for those that love meat. They could be someone who wants a mouthwatering philly cheesesteak or something else. You could include vegan or vegetarian options as well if you so choose.

Either way, exclusive audiences can be a path to a profitable and successful franchise.

The location is what matters

Here’s the thing about a successful sandwich franchise: the location should matter. You want your franchise to be located somewhere where there is a steady flow of traffic on a regular basis. The right amount of foot traffic and sales potential are what you need to hone in on when it comes to choosing the right place. So where would a franchise make sense?

Busy streets in your local area may be one way to start. Others have established themselves in shopping malls and office complexes. Performing research on areas where a healthy stream of traffic can be found will be key. It will also give a chance at looking at any potential real estate in the interested area -especially one that can support a sandwich franchise.

Following the trends

Market trends change all the time. A successful sandwich franchise is one that keeps their finger on the pulse and stays on top of them. Your market may hold the answers in regards to how your sandwich franchise can be successful. Find out what the patterns are regarding their tastes, preferences, what they order, and so on.

The people in your market may also be getting tired of certain things. So they want a fresh new change. You can capitalize on the opportunities by offering something you know they might enjoy. Staying ahead of the curve – even before your competition does – will keep the profitability going.

The market is the one thing that will make or break a sandwich franchise. So it’s important to know what their needs are. At the same time, what are the preferences they look for in sandwiches? What are some things they are trying to stay from?

The more you understand your market, the better. From there, you can market your franchises and get the word out. You can include in your messaging about what your target audience is looking for in a sandwich. If you really want to be bold, say something that will make your franchise stand out (like mentioning something you have that your competitors may not have).

Your market will think that you’ve read their mind and speak their language.

Final Thoughts

It takes quite a bit for sandwich franchises to become profitable. You want to follow these ideas to heart to ensure it becomes possible. Sure, it can be hard work – but the rewards will be continuous. As long as you hire the right people, offer the best options to your customers, and follow the market trends, you should have no trouble running your franchise for a long period of time.

It can get to a point where it can be a repeatable process. You might even have enough of a profit to expand. We wish you all the best in your franchising success.