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Tony Luke, Jr. Announces #BROWNANDWHITE Initiative To End Stigma of Heroin Addiction

June 28, 2017



Pledging his solidarity to the victims and families of heroin overdose, local entrepreneur and media personality Tony Luke Jr. has announced an initiative aimed at heightening the awareness of removing social stigmas associated with use of the toxic drug. Tony recently lost his son to a heroin overdose.

“The fact is, no one and no family is immune from this horrible epidemic that is ruining so many lives,” says Tony. “Too often, heroin users are accused of moral failings. Heroin addiction is not a moral issue. It’s no different than other addictive substances, like alcohol or cocaine. To minimize such deaths on a moral level is just cruel to the survivors, and compounds their suffering and grief.”

Tony is encouraging anyone who has lost a loved one to heroin to create and wear a brown and white item (the two colors of heroin) and share it through social media, in schools, local businesses, etc., using #BrownAndWhite.

“There are many heroin awareness organizations and campaigns that are performing essential work in the realm of education and treatment,” he says. “#BrownAndWhite is intended to change the institutional perception that heroin users somehow deserve their fate.”

He emphasizes that the #BrownAndWhite initiative is not designed to be a charity, but a platform to launch conversations between survivors and the general public.

“I don’t want to establish a foundation or a website,” says Tony. “There will be no fundraising. I want this to be organic. I want to let others who have lost a loved one to this dreadful disease know they are not alone.

Tony is looking forward to speaking to any group who’d like to hear what he has to say about how heroin impacted his family.

“By telling my son Tony’s story, hopefully I can help people understand that drugs have no boundaries,” he says. “No matter a person’s circumstance in life, addiction is a possibility. And there is nothing for them to be ashamed of. If I can help even one person, then #BrownAndWhite will be a success.”

If anyone has been affected by a death from heroin, simply create a ribbon or a bracelet. Wear it. Share it. Talk about it. We’re in this together!


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