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Best Food to Send to Your College Student

September 7, 2022

Best Food to Send to Your College Student

When your kid leaves for college, it can be stressful for you and your student. However, you can make this time much less stressful by sending delicious food to their dorm. When you supply the nutrients they need during their first couple of months at college, they will build great eating habits that will help them be successful throughout the school year.

Please continue reading to discover the best mail-order food gifts to send your college student as they spend their first couple of months away. Keeping your student’s stomachs full is a great way to help them focus on schoolwork and get excellent grades.

Order Delivery To Their Room

One of the easiest and most appreciated ways to send food to your student is to order delivery to their dorm. Philly cheese steaks are one of the most popular lunchtime meals across the United States because they are delicious and filling. So, you should order cheese steak delivery to your college student storm during their first couple of months away. This gesture will demonstrate that you are thinking about them and remind them that they need to eat and should not skip meals.

Send a Fruit Basket

The best food gift baskets often involve through. So whether you want to send chocolate covered through or just a basket full of nutritious food, a fruit basket is always appreciated. Fruit is a great gift for college students because they can grab it on their way out the door without having to prepare an entire meal When they’re low on time. Your college student is taking on a busy workload, and a fruit basket is a great way to help them get the nutrients they need to succeed.

Give Them Gift Cards

You can give your college student gift cards so they can pick out the food they desire most. For example, depending on your student’s preferences, you can get gift cards for restaurants and grocery stores. This is a great way to send money to your students without worrying about how they spend the cash.

Some parents don’t want to send cash to their students because college can be a social time, and parents don’t know what to expect from their children during these years. So, sending a gift card is a great way to feel secure about sending cash to your kid, so you don’t have to worry about how they spend it.

Time-Efficient Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are great college student food gifts you can send through the mail. For example, if you know your student has a full workload, you can send them nuts and dried fruit to take to class. This is an excellent way for college students to get protein and vitamins throughout the day without preparing meals. The more time efficient you make your mail-ordered food, the easier time your student will have consuming their nutrients.

Easy-to-Cook Food

If you send your child food that you want them to cook, you should ensure that the food is easy. For example, you can send your college student Mac and cheese, spaghetti noodles, or Rahman so they can have hot food quickly. You can also send them a variety of frozen dinners to ensure that they can cook their meals within a few minutes and get the nutrition they need for school. You must be mindful that most dorm rooms don’t have a kitchen, so you might need to send supplies to cook the food depending on the meals you send.

Keep Their Carbs Up

Sending carb-heavy food to your college student will make it easier for them to go throughout the day because many college students don’t eat three meals a day. Carb-heavy foods will sit in your student’s stomachs for hours, so they don’t feel hungry throughout their school sessions. You can send carb-heavy food, including crackers, rice, and noodles. These foods can help keep your child from feeling hunger pangs throughout the day.

Dried Meat

You can prepare a gift basket full of dried meat like beef jerky to send your child during their first couple months of college. This meat can last long, so your child won’t feel rushed to eat it and can enjoy it throughout the school year. With that said, you can send this meat in bulk to ensure that they have plenty of protein throughout the school year. Protein is a great way for your child’s mind to stay awake and active during their college years.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are some of the easiest food gifts to ship to your college student during their first couple of months away. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning is a great way for your student to wake up and feel energized before class Alternatively, sending relaxing cups of tea to your college student is a great way to help unwind after a difficult exam. Tea and coffee you can keep for up to a year if you send them in an airtight container so that these products will last your student a while.


Oatmeal is a quick and easy food for your student to prepare first thing in the morning before class. The main ingredient you need to prepare oatmeal first thing in the morning is hot water, readily available anywhere. If you send a package with oatmeal in conjunction with the fruit basket, you have a quick and easy breakfast for your college student to consume before they run off to class.

Final Thoughts

You can send plenty of food baskets to college students during their first couple of months to ensure a successful school year. Keeping your student well fed at the beginning of the year will set up a routine for them to eat regularly, even during stressful situations. If your college student skips too many meals, they might have trouble focusing on their schoolwork, which can hurt their grades.