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Unique Food Gifts to Send to Keep Your Loved Ones Warm and Well-Fed This Festive Season

December 14, 2022

unique food gifts to send

With the bitter cold of winter approaching from right around the corner, you and your loved ones are going to need to stay warm and well-fed this holiday season. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to join their families for the holidays, especially college students who are hard at work studying during that time. You might be wondering what kind of unique food gifts to send them so that they stay warm and well-fed while they study.

Whether you want to send a ready-to-be-cooked meal or a whole box of food-related gifts to your college student, we’ve got you covered. This article will walk you through the list we came up with of unique food gifts to send in the mail this holiday season. Your college student (or whoever you decide to send a food gift to) will definitely feel the love and appreciate you thinking of them.

Tony Luke’s Frozen Cheesesteak

When it comes to the best mail order food gifts, Tony Luke’s has got your back. Tony Luke’s uses high-quality meat, and their bread is baked fresh in-store every day. If you’re looking to send your college student a Philly cheesesteak gift in the mail, look no further. Tony Luke’s is easily and safely able to ship their delectable frozen cheesesteaks to anywhere in the nation, which is perfect for your Philly-based college student who is missing home during the holidays.

Nothing compares to the warmth and comfort of a Philly cheesesteak. Your student will love eating classic Philly cheesesteaks with their friends while on a study break, especially if it’s snowing outside. What could be better than eating a piping hot cheesesteak while also being curled up under a warm blanket as the snow falls outside? Order just one frozen cheesesteak or order them in bulk for your college student this holiday season. They will be sure to thank you!

Hot Cocoa Kit in a Jar

There’s nothing quite so comforting as a piping hot mug of chocolatey cocoa on a cold winter’s night. For this reason, a hot cocoa kit definitely makes our list of the best food gifts for college students. Putting together a hot cocoa kit to send to your college student is fun and easy. Just fill a Mason jar with either store-bought or homemade hot cocoa mix, and top it off with mini marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, or whatever you think your loved one will enjoy. Tie a Christmas bow around the jar, and don’t forget to include a handwritten note!

Your college student can easily drink hot cocoa while they’re studying, or they can pour it into a portable travel mug for those long, cold walks to the library. They will especially enjoy their hot cocoa knowing it’s from someone who loves and cares about them deeply. A hot cocoa kit would also make a great addition to any food gift packages or boxes you decide to send your college student. It is sure to warm their belly and keep their mind sharp during midterms!

Coffee and Tea

Speaking of food gift boxes, coffee and tea would both make wonderful and warming additions. Caffeine increases your metabolism, which in turn raises your body temperature. Of course, it’s usually quite easy to acquire coffee on any college campus, but we’re pretty sure your college student isn’t going to say no to a free cup of coffee from their loved ones. Make sure to include snacks that go well with coffee in the food gift box like Tim Tams, fresh-baked scones, or banana bread.

Tea, in particular, can be very warming. Ginger tea, for example, warms your body from the inside out and encourages blood flow to your fingers and toes. It’s the perfect drink to hold in your hands while walking across campus. Just one sip of hot ginger tea is sure to warm up your college student from head to toe, even on the coldest of winter days. A box of tea bags is relatively cheap and is also very easy to include in a food gift box.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

A lot of people wouldn’t think that dry fruits and nuts can be warming, but surprisingly, foods like almonds, raisins, and cashews actually generate heat in your body when you eat them. Dry fruits and nuts are pretty versatile. Send this snack in a food gift package, and your college student will be able to eat it throughout the day while studying. They can also sprinkle dry fruits and nuts onto their morning oatmeal, which is quite nutritious and makes for great brain food.


Hot soup made with a mother’s love is truly unmatched when it comes to unique food gifts to send to your college student. Of course, you’ll want to send this in a container (like a thermos) that absolutely will not spill, but that’s doable and your loved one will certainly appreciate it. Soup is notoriously great for when you’re not feeling well, or when you need to warm up after being out in the cold.

Some of the most warming soups include creamy potato soup, pumpkin soup, and the classic chicken soup. Don’t forget to throw in some well-packaged bread or crackers with the soup thermos! Your college student will appreciate the warm meal, and if you make the soup from scratch, it is sure to remind them of home.


Ramen is a staple food for college students because it’s cheap, delicious, and easy to make. Sending your loved one a bunch of packaged ramen in the mail might sound simple (because it is), but your loved one will surely appreciate the gesture. If you like, you can include some ideal ramen fixings in the food gift box such as chili oil, garlic powder, and Sriracha. It’s always nice to have your own bottle of Sriracha anyway, so your college student is sure to thank you!

Final Thoughts

It’s important to stay warm and well-fed during the winter months, and with college students being away at school during this time, parents tend to worry about whether their kids are staying warm and eating enough. To those parents, we would like to say: worry no more. These unique food gifts should be enough to keep your loved one(s) nice and warm throughout the winter. Send them in a box with a nice note, and your college student will be calling home to wish you a Merry Christmas.