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5 Common Philly Cheesesteak FAQs

February 2, 2024

philly cheesesteak

If there’s one kind of sandwich in the world that is worth trying out, it’s the philly cheesesteak. The mouthwatering goodness of every bite is worth the experience. This is a guide of five frequently asked questions for those who want to learn more about the legendary sandwich that has people flocking to Philly from the world over.

But here’s the thing: you don’t always have to travel to the city of Philadelphia to enjoy the best. You can make one yourself with the help of one of many recipes found online. Before you take your first bite, here are some of the questions many people ask about the iconic Philly cheesesteak.

What is a Philly cheesesteak?

This legendary sandwich is made from beefsteak (ribeye or top round) that is thinly sliced. The beef is placed on a sandwich roll and is topped with melted American or Provolone cheese. One variation of a Philadelphia cheesesteak consists of onions and green peppers.

Some may also include mushrooms as well. Even jalapenos are a good option if you’re looking for that extra kick. There’s no wrong way to make a Philly cheesesteak when it comes to the additional fixings.

You don’t have to be a top quality chef to make one that is just as delicious. If you want a few ideas of different variations, plug in “cheesesteak recipes” on Google and see which ones water your mouth the most. Then, you grab the ingredients and get to work.

Where did the Philly Cheesesteak originate?

Philly cheesesteak got its name from the place where it came from: Philadelphia. It is believed to have been first made back in the 1930s by a hot dog vendor named Pat Olivieri. One day, he was grilling steak that was thinly sliced and the smell was enough to get people’s attention.

A passer-byer thought it would be a great idea to put the beef on a hotdog roll. Olivieri loved the idea and followed through. This was believed to be the creation of the first ever Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich. Since then, one of the most revered eateries in the city has been open.

That place became known as Pat’s King of Steaks. Today, it is one of the most iconic places to get one of the best Philly cheesesteak sandwiches in the city, even the world. It also has rival brands such as Geno’s, which just so happens to be not far from Pat’s on S 9th Street.

If you ever find yourself in that area and search for “cheesesteak near me”, you’re in for quite the challenging decision. So choose wisely if you happen to be in the area.

But what if you’re not in Philadelphia? There may be different places like Tony Luke’s, Subway, even Jersey Mike’s. It may not be like the true blue originals you find at Pat’s and Geno’s – but you still get to enjoy a sandwich like no other.

What makes a Philly cheesesteak stand out?

You want to make the sandwich as authentic as possible. Especially when it comes to choosing the highest quality ingredients. Thinly sliced beef is the cornerstone of this sandwich – especially when it’s cooked to perfection.

From there, it’s important to choose a cheese that is the perfect match. As mentioned, American and Provolone are two of your best options. However, you can choose a cheese that you believe will provide you with maximum enjoyment.

Don’t forget to put it all on a roll that is long, soft, and easy to place the fixings on. Once you have it set up, you’ll have a cheesesteak sandwich to die for. Every person who loves these kinds of sandwich is different when it comes to what they want on it and more.

Can I get a Philly Cheesesteak delivered to the West Coast?

If you’re on the other end of the US map, you may be wondering how you can get an authentic Philly cheesesteak delivered to you. Here’s the thing: such a sandwich can’t be delivered from Philadelphia for obvious reasons. The good news is that you can order it from a place that can make them for you.

It can be delivered by way of DoorDash or UberEats (assuming the establishment doesn’t have their own service). Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to see which sandwich place makes Philly cheesesteaks that can be delivered or ordered for takeout.

You still have the option to make it at home. All you need are the right ingredients like thinly sliced steak, rolls, your choice of cheese, and any other additional toppings. Remember that you can make it the way you want it – even if you do it by yourself.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options for Philly cheesesteak?

We live in a time where plant-based options are widely available – especially in the most popular sandwich chains. Those who are vegetarian or vegan could find an excellent plant-based version of Philly cheesesteak. Instead of steak, you can check out the wide variety of plant-based proteins like mushrooms or seitan.

Vegan friendly cheese and other ingredients blended with this kind of protein will make for an excellent Philly cheesesteak that will still taste just as good as the original. You’ll be surprised by how awesome a plant-based version of this legendary sandwich is compared to the real deal. So don’t feel like you have to miss out on the good stuff because of certain dietary restrictions.


If you’re considering the idea of trying out a delicious Philly cheesesteak, there are plenty of sandwich franchises near you that might have them. Or you can grab the ingredients to make them right in your own home. Either way, we hope this FAQ guide has proved itself useful.

Now what’s next? Are you looking to order one? Or are you planning a shopping trip?
What will your first experience with a Philly cheesesteak be like? Whether you feel like making one yourself or not, you won’t be disappointed from the first bite to the last.