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The History of the Sandwich

March 1, 2022

Sandwich Origin

The sandwich is a simple yet great dish that many of us take for granted. Where does the sandwich origin come from? Who was the first sandwich maker? There are so many details on the sandwich’s origin that many people don’t know of. Let’s see what the origin of the sandwich is.

What is the Sandwich Origin?

The sandwich as we know it today originated in England during the 18th century. It is said that the term “sandwich” was coined in the 1760s due to a man named John Montagu. While gambling, he would order a dish of meat tucked in between bread, creating the first official sandwich. This food formation allowed him to easily eat a meal without having to tear away from the gambling game at hand.

The first versions of sandwiches were also made in other areas of the world in different periods. It is said that an old Jewish sage would wrap lamb meat and herbs in Matzah, which created a sandwich very similar to the flatbread sandwiches we have today.

Over time, the idea of sandwiches, in whatever form they came in, popularized across Europe and traveled across the world. In the 20th century, sandwiches became a staple meal for the American person. It was easy, didn’t take a lot of expensive resources, and provided adequate nutrition.

Even though the sandwich origin is in England, it didn’t take long for this simple dish to travel to every sandwich lover in the world.

What is The Origin of The Philly Cheesesteak?

Now, for a specific sandwich staple, the Philly cheesesteak is loved by many people across the country. It’s not prepared the same as your classic ham and cheese sandwich or your veggie flatbread sandwich. Instead, this sandwich is prepared on a deli bun with savory steak smothered in cheese and onions tucked inside. This sandwich usually has lettuce and tomato, but what tells you that you can’t add more veggies.

 This sandwich’s origin is in Philadelphia in the 20th century. Pat and Harry Olivieri are considered this sandwich’s creators but their exact story is unknown. What’s important is that one day, these people created the Philly Cheesesteak using the ingredients that they had on them. When people stopped by and got a taste of the super savory sandwich, popularity spread across the state.

Now, you can find Philly cheesesteaks at establishments both all across Philadelphia and across the country. They are found in both casual establishments and fancy restaurants. This dish is even served as street food during festivals and other outdoor activities.

Tony Lukes is just one of the many establishments where you can find a Philly cheesesteak at a great price. With several variations, you can find your favorite Philly cheesesteak without having to break the bank. You can get your Philly cheesesteak, plain, with cheese, buffalo style, and more. Get your tastebuds ready for both the classics and new flavors at this establishment.

Other Variations of the Philly Cheesesteak

There are many variations of the cheesesteak that has gained popularity among establishments. Tony Lukes has many of the classic variations that any cheesesteak lover is aware of. There are still other variations that can be made or found.

A super interesting variation of the cheesesteak is the pizza cheesesteak. This cheesesteak is topped with pizza sauce and even more cheese (along with any pizza topping you could wish for) and is then toasted in a broiler. This variation shows many similarities to foods such as a hot pocket due to its contents and shape.

The Heater is a Phillies classic that you can purchase at a baseball game at Citizens Bank Park. This variation is topped with spicy ingredients such as jalapenos and buffalo sauce.

For the vegans who still want a tasty dish, some establishments will make a vegan cheesesteak, which is an odd combination of words to say. This variation uses soy-based cheese and mushrooms instead of steak. Even if it’s not the same as the classic, it is still a tasty dish!

How Sliced Bread Helped the Spread of Sandwiches

As odd as it seems, sliced bread is still a relatively new invention. Created in the 1920s, sliced bread is only around 100 years old. However, that doesn’t mean that the impact of this invention is small. No, the entirety of the American diet changed once sliced bread hit the market.

Because sandwiches rely so much on having bread available, sliced bread made sandwich making so much easier for the common household. Just go to the market, pick up a loaf, and make yourself and your family sandwiches with even sides of bread.

Sliced bread also allowed establishments and markets to package premade sandwiches for selling. Now, you didn’t need to either buy all the separate ingredients or wait for a chef to make you your sandwich. You could just pick up your favorite available sandwich right off the shelf to eat right away. The already easy dish was just made easier by the invention of sliced bread.

With sandwiches being even easier to buy and make, their popularity spread even further. Now they were a staple for every working person and every studying child. Throw a quick sandwich into the lunchbox and be good for the whole day!

Get Your Favorite Sandwich Now

The origin of the sandwich may not be rich with dramatic flair and interesting substance, but the simplicity of the sandwich is what has made so many people across the world love it. With the hundreds of kinds of sandwiches that can be made, there is a sandwich for everyone, as long as you like bread.

Tony Lukes is a great place to find your new favorite sandwich for a reasonable price. You can find dishes from a classic Philly cheesesteak to delicious hoagies that will fill you up with all the necessary nutrients that you need.

There is nothing wrong with loving a good sandwich as it has been loved for so many years already.