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The Philly Guide to Making Philly Cheesesteaks at Home

December 18, 2018

making philly cheesesteaks at home

Do you love the signature taste of a Philly cheesesteak, but prefer to cook at home, or are you a Philly transplant craving a taste of home?

Lucky for you, Philly cheesesteaks are not that difficult to make as long as you have the right ingredients. Here is your Philly Guide to Making Philly Cheesesteaks at Home.

Gather all your ingredients

The first thing you need to know about how to make cheesesteaks at home is what ingredients you need. There only four ingredients to a cheesesteak, but you need to be careful because if you don’t use the right ones, it could affect the authenticity of the taste.

First you need the bread, but it can’t be just any bread or roll. Philadelphia bread has a special taste. You want it to be fresh and slightly dry with a little crunch on the outside and a soft middle.

Second, you need onions to sweeten the cheesesteak. The most popular type of onion used at Philly cheesesteak shops is stewed onions.

Of course the most important ingredient is the steak itself and for best taste it needs to be rib-eye. Less expensive cuts of meat can do in a pinch but you will be able to taste the difference. You will need about a quarter pound of meat per sandwich.

Many fights have been broken up over what type of cheese to put on a cheesesteak. In some places it is all about the Cheese Whiz while others prefer provolone. American cheese though is the most popular choice. Since you are cooking at home, make it however you prefer. Just make sure whatever type of cheese you choose is not going to overwhelm the steak and the bread.

Cooking Your Cheesesteak

Heat a large skillet or griddle over a high heat until it is really hot. Add some oil and then turn down the heat to medium high. Then thinly slice and quickly sauté the onions. You want the onions to be brown but not totally caramelized. It is a good idea to sprinkle them with salt too.

Once the onions are ready just push them off to the side of the skillet or put them in a bowl if you don’t have the space on the skillet. Next comes the steak. You will need to cut the rib-eye steak into thin slices. For best results they should be cardboard thin. It is a good idea to get your local butcher to do it for you.

Make sure you have added a little bit more oil to the pan after removing the onions and make sure you have the bread, onion and cheese all ready to go. Now it is time to sear the steak. Be sure to salt the steak slices as they cook. Let one side completely brown before flipping it over. Shoot for less than 2 minutes per side. If you prefer, you can chop up the meat into smaller pieces while still on the grill.

For cheese, the rule of thumb is to use 3 slices per every quarter pound meat. Simply put the slices on top of the steak as it finishes cooking so the cheese can melt. If you are using cheese whiz then heat it up separately and then add to the sandwich once it is assembled.

Finally, it is assembly time. Cut the roll in half almost all the way through then scoop up the meat and cheese and pour into the roll. Make sure you get some of the grease from the pan in there too. Then just add your onions. Your cheesesteak is ready to enjoy!

Experience Tony Luke’s at Home

Because the right ingredients are so important to the authentic Philly cheesesteak experience, the best way to enjoy this Philly icon is to buy it from one of the top cheesesteak shops in Philadelphia. Luckily, Tony Luke’s has made it easy to enjoy their popular cheesesteak from the comforts of home.

Tony Luke’s frozen cheesesteaks can be sent in the mail either to your home or to someone else as a gift. They make great gifts for food lovers.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, how good can frozen cheeesesteak delivery really be? Well, Tony Luke’s has spent a lot of research and development time to perfect its new technology that allows them to prepare the cheesesteaks fresh before freezing.

Once you receive your package of frozen cheesesteaks all you have to do is bake them in the oven for 20 minutes in order to experience the same great sandwich they would get inside Tony Luke’s South Philly shop. These frozen sandwiches are very easy to heat up and no assembly is required either.

Tony Luke’s only uses 100% Rib Eye for the steaks and they only buy beef that has no fillers, antibiotics or steroids. The bread is also genuine Philly bread, hand spun and baked in Philadelphia. No rolls are used.

Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks also make great gifts whether for your favorite foodie or a friend or family member who has moved away from Philadelphia but still craves their iconic sandwich. They also make great corporate gift as well for both employees and clients. With the holiday season in full force, it is perfect time to spread some Philly-inspired holiday cheer.

Tony Luke’s guarantees safe shipping, using high quality custom fitting Styrofoam boxes and special ice to ensure beef stays frozen and safe.

You can order Tony Luke’s Philly Cheesesteaks in 4 Packs, 8 Packs, and 12 Packs. For more information on ordering Philly cheesesteaks as gifts or making Philly cheesesteaks at home, click here.

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