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Creative Holiday Business Gifts Your Associates Would Never Expect but Will Love

November 3, 2022

creative holiday business gifts

As the holiday season rolls around, you may have already started thinking about creative holiday business gifts for your work associates or clients. After a long year of working together, you want to acknowledge their hard work, but you’re just not sure what to get them. Corporate holiday gifts consisting of baskets full of chocolate turtles and iTunes gift cards are going out of style.

When thinking about gifts for employee appreciation this holiday season, surprise your employees with a more creative corporate holiday gift than they are expecting. Of course, giving your employees or clients a creative holiday business gift can technically mean anything. Let’s dive into some ideas we have for creative holiday business gifts so that you can really treat your employees to something good this holiday season.

Frozen Philly Cheesesteaks from Tony Luke’s

When typing “creative holiday business gifts” or “creative holiday gifts for clients” into the Google search bar, it’s unlikely that you’re going to come across Tony Luke’s frozen cheesesteaks as a typical holiday business gift idea. It’s not our fault if no one has ever thought of it before! It’s too bad this isn’t a common gift for employee appreciation, actually, because frozen cheesesteaks from Tony Luke’s are extremely delicious and easy to acquire.

You can order a frozen cheesesteak from Tony Luke’s and have it sent to their home address (or work address) as a holiday surprise. Frozen cheesesteaks would also make a great creative corporate holiday gift because you can order them in bulk and heat them up in the breakroom for the whole office to enjoy.

There’s nothing better than a Philly cheesesteak party, right? Your employees will thank you as tucking into a delectable cheesesteak is the perfect way to combat the brutal cold of wintertime. They are sure to go home that day and say “I got to have an authentic Philly cheesesteak today!” You sure can’t say that about most corporate holiday parties.

Gift Cards to Tony Luke’s

If you live and work in a location that has a Tony Luke’s nearby, your work associates will definitely appreciate you comping a meal for them at Tony Luke’s. You can take them out yourself, or buy them a gift card this holiday season. Again, what better way to celebrate the holiday season and combat the cold than to sit around and eat some authentic Philly cheesesteaks with your friends?

If you are going with gift baskets this year, switch out the iTunes gift cards with Tony Luke’s gift cards. Most people don’t use iTunes anyway, so gifting your employees a gift card from Tony Luke’s is sure to be of more use to them.

Tony Luke’s gift cards also make great gifts for those who live and work in places that don’t have a Tony Luke’s location. Your client can simply use the gift card to purchase frozen cheesesteaks from Tony Luke’s since Tony Luke’s is able to ship to anywhere in the nation.


Blankets are a classic but generally unexpected gift, especially in the workplace. Your work associate will be pleasantly surprised when you gift them this. In fact, if it’s cold in the office (as it tends to be in office environments), your coworker will probably wrap the blanket around themselves right then and there.

The holiday season is a cozy time — the perfect time to stay inside and cuddle up under a warm blanket with a mug of hot cocoa. In fact, hot cocoa would make a good holiday gift as well. Perhaps your client would like to spend their lunch break sitting in the break room with their new blanket wrapped around them, drinking some hot cocoa and enjoying a Tony Luke’s Philly cheesesteak. Sounds pretty nice to us.

Fuzzy Socks

In the same realm as blankets live the always-wonderful fuzzy socks. You wouldn’t ordinarily gift your employees socks, but fuzzy socks are a different story. Winter on the east coast can be bitter and brutal. It’s not uncommon for your feet to get wet and frozen while walking to work, so having a fresh pair of fuzzy socks to change into should sound absolutely heavenly to most people.

Wooden Planter Box

This is the perfect gift for that one coworker who won’t stop talking about how she’s a “plant mom.” A wooden planter box would be a nice little desk decoration for your coworker, and it is sure to brighten up the office as a whole. This gift is very thoughtful, which your coworker will definitely take note of. Now, she can tend to her plants as much as she wants while working. Pretty nice, right?

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones always make a great gift no matter what the occasion. This holiday season, consider getting your work associate some noise canceling headphones, especially if they have been having trouble working lately due to the noise volume in the office. It can be hard to focus in an office setting with phones ringing and keyboards clacking as people type.

Noise canceling headphones are a thoughtful gift, and your associate will definitely appreciate them. Plus, if for some reason they don’t like Philly cheesesteaks, they can put on their new headphones and block out the Philly cheesesteak party happening in the break room. Sometimes, the best, most creative gift ends up being something simple and thoughtful.

Final Thoughts

Holiday office parties can often be pretty dry and dull, so it’s only natural to want to gift your employees with something creative in order to liven up the place. We still think a Philly cheesesteak party sounds like a hoot and a half, but of course, what you decide to gift your employees is totally up to you!

In the workplace, it truly is the thought that counts, so don’t be afraid to get creative and have a little fun when you’re picking out holiday business gifts for your employees or coworkers this year.