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How to Properly Indulge in American New Year Food

January 1, 2023

american new year food

Different dishes are made and eaten for New Year all around the world. There is so much variety in what is made for New Year in just the United States. People in New York may make different New Year dishes than someone in Texas.

Enjoy your next New Year meal by trying some American New Year Food!

The Traditional American New Year Food

There have been some dishes that have been consumed on New Year’s Eve for many years in the United State. These dishes are linked to having good luck in the new year and many of them are good for you.

American New Year food includes black-eye peas, cabbage, pork, and cornbread. Each of these is associated with having good luck in the new year, while there are also several other options to eat for bringing in good luck.

It is said that if you eat black-eye peas on New Year, you will have good luck and eat well for the rest of the year. Cabbage is said to bring in money to the new year, however, eating any green leafy vegetable will also bring in money in the new year. Pork represents bringing positivity to the new year and cornbread will bring luck and happiness. If your cornbread is a brighter yellow, it is said that you will bring gold into your life for the new year.

Most of these American New Year foods are typically eaten in the southern part of the United States. While eating greens is popular for New Year almost everywhere, different places in the United States have different traditions that are different than peas and cornbread.

New Year’s Party Food in Philadelphia

If you want New Year’s food that is a staple in Philadelphia, then you should have Philly cheesesteaks for New Year’s Eve. As the name “Philly” implies, these cheesesteaks are central to the food served in Philadelphia.

Now, you can look up “cheesesteak delivery places near me,” for a quick last-minute meal for New Year. Or, you can purchase delicious high-quality cheesesteaks from Tony Luke’s.

Tony Luke’s has Philly cheesesteaks that you can purchase and enjoy anywhere. With the delivery service that Tony Luke’s has, you can order a variety of cheesesteaks to your house for you and your guests to enjoy on New Year.

Philly-themed food makes for a heavy and warm New Year meal that will give you a full stomach to start the new year right. Enjoy Philly cheesesteaks, hoagies, soft pretzels, and more on New Year to indulge in American food on this yearly transition.

Eat Your Dessert!

So many people have the New Year’s resolution of losing weight or going on a diet. However, that doesn’t mean that you should restrict yourself on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy your desserts to have a great time and bring happiness into the new year.

It is said that circular desserts such as Bundt cakes or donuts are perfect to eat for New Year as the circle shape will bring luck and positivity. The circle shape will give you a great full year as you will come full circle from the happiness you get from eating the dessert.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying sweets on a holiday. In the United States, it is normal to indulge in some sweets for New Year as it is a great way to bond with the people around you and share positivity. Eating a bit of dessert is better for your diet as it takes care of cravings that could cause you to completely lose control.

On New Year, eat your dessert after a filling and luck-bringing meal. End the year on a full stomach and wake up feeling good.

Add Grains to Your Meal

We have already talked about the importance of cornbread to American New Year food, but grains in their entirety are a tradition for New Year in the United States.

Many grains like rice and oats will swell and get bigger when they are cooked. As they absorb water from the dish that you are making, they get bigger and are incredibly filling when eaten. This, for New Year, symbolizes growth and abundance.

From something small like a handful of rice you can get a full meal that will fill up your stomach. If you want to bring more of anything into your life, eat some grain on New Year.

Stay Away from Chicken

To ensure a good year with lots of luck and positivity, it is said that you should stay away from chicken. This is because chickens can fly away and take your luck and money with them. If you eat chicken on New Year, you may lose all that luck you were trying to gain from your other dishes.

That is why eating pig and even fish is great for New Year as pigs are associated with luck and the scales on a fish resemble silver and other precious metals. While chicken tastes great and is a part of many American dishes, New Year is not the night to have them.

Final Thoughts

American New Year food is all about bringing in luck and abundance through grains, sweets, and eating the right kind of meat. Food is important to all cultures as it brings people together and keeps families alive. Using food to bring the right intentions into the new year just makes sense!

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