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Tony Luke’s FREE Holiday Gift

A Truly Personalized Gift for the Philly Phan! Whether your special someone is from Philly, loves Philly sports, or a true Cheesesteak lover, Tony Luke’s has the perfect gift. Receive a personalized video message for the Holidays or any occasion from Tony Luke Jr himself! Simply fill out the form & Tony will send the video via email to whoever you choose!

Tony Luke's Holiday Message Form

Please let us know how we should address the message recipient. e.g. Charles, Charlie, Chaz, Chuck, Crazy Chuck, etc.
If you wish to let the message recipient know who the message is from (other than Tony) please include your or another person's name. Can be full name, first name or nickname.
The holiday, life event or occasion the message will address. e.g. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, 39th Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, etc.
Tony would love to personalize his message to the giftee. Please list any personal details you would like Tony to include. e.g. They work at the local food bank, love their dog, greatest mom or dad in the world, etc.
This is typically your email address unless you want to send it on behalf of someone else then use their email address.
Message Delivery Options(Required)
To whom would you like us to send the message to.
If you are not having the video message sent to the recipient's email address please provide us with at least one of the recipient's social media handles below.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
If the occasion is a holiday we will send the message before the holiday not on the actual day of the holiday itself. Tony will be with his family and unable to send messages on Holidays.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.